How Is Open Banking Reshaping Fintech By Implementing Big Data?

Banking CIO Outlook | Monday, April 04, 2022

Open banking makes it easier to acquire huge amounts of data, which, when carefully evaluated, can lead to new insights.

Fremont, CA: Open banking is often commonly viewed as a way to share financial information with third-party providers to streamline and automate operations while also opening up new avenues for innovative products and services. Apart from assisting companies in evolving and developing their products, open banking also makes it easier to gather large amounts of data, which, when carefully evaluated, can lead to new knowledge. These insights might then be helpful to develop strategies to combat alarming financial and social developments that would benefit individuals directly. 

Every financial transaction an individual makes creates rich, up-to-date data, formerly restricted to a few businesses before the advent and acceptance of open banking. Open banking, on the other hand, is democratizing this data by allowing businesses and organizations to extract insights and evaluate the results to obtain a better knowledge of their consumers and broader social trends.

Ways open banking-enabled big data are changing fintech.

 Big data and its analytics are transforming how banks and financial institutions operate, allowing them to make better-informed judgments and make faster decisions about their product offerings, operations, and marketing initiatives. In addition, big data has allowed financial institutions to develop previously unavailable tools and applications, including credit cards with inbuilt fingerprint sensors and PFM applications that estimate user behavior and spending habits.

Open banking enables banks, third-party service providers, and clients to build the ultimate relationships, exchanging client financial data to customize services and automate operations. However, the information acquired may be helpful to study clients further to identify and combat undesirable societal trends like gambling problems and poor financial management.

Furthermore, data along various automatic subscriptions may get obtained and evaluated, including whether a paid-for service is helpful. AI-powered analytics tools may immediately terminate memberships and even contest payments if they aren't used. It helps consumers manage their money all across the spectrum and automatically relieves tension from those already stressed.


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