How IB Portal Brings Transaction Transparency to Customers

Banking CIO Outlook | Wednesday, December 11, 2019

An introducing broker portal is increasing businesses' online offerings, transferring funds with just a click. 

FREMONT, CA: FP Markets is an ASIC-regulated global CFD and Forex broker that is strengthening its online offering with its Introducing Broker (IB) Portal. This portal is created as a level, multi-tier platform for unique IBs and master IBs. As FP Markets believes in the idea of transparency, it ensures that the portal allows IBs to see and stay up-to-date with the daily transactions, deposits, volumes, and rebates collected from the clients in a direct manner or clients of sub-IBs. For smooth usage, IBs export transaction data in a format of PDF and CSV for reconciliation and reporting purposes.

FP Markets realize the importance of offering IBs with accurate control and command of their multiple rebate accounts from various trading platforms. Furthermore, the new IB portal facilitates IBs to start the transfer of funds demands from rebate accounts to the trading accounts with just a click. IBs also maintain their online banking operations to facilitate funds to withdrawal from FP Markets' accounts instantly and directly to their private bank accounts. FP Markets has an easy navigating online registration process, enabling IBs to use their mobiles for added security and recognize verification for account management to be handled exclusively via the dedicated IB portal. FP Markets deploy transparent and easy-to-use portal, intensifying the online experience and reward system for its IBs.Top Retail Banking Technology Solution Companies

FP Markets is a pioneering provider of CFD and Forex trade platforms that offers execution services to clients at a global rate. The company now has offices globally, and it services thousands of clients from around the globe, executing billions of dollars of transactions per month. FP Markets provides more than 10,000 trading instruments beyond Futures CFDs, Equity CFDs, Indices, Forex, and Bitcoin, all of that make it one of the most significant offerings in the industry.

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