How Can Mobile Banking Offer More Controls to Users?

Banking CIO Outlook | Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Users are demanding more control options from their mobile banking apps as service providers look to strike the right balance between customer satisfaction and security provisions.

FREMONT, CA: Mobile banking apps have come a long way, and the rapid pace of technological advancements has made mobile banking apps extensively popular and given it enhanced functionalities. However, customer expectations are continually changing. These changes are giving rise to customer demands for innovative controls on mobile banking apps. As the dependence on mobile banking grows and the volume of mobile-based banking services and operations overtake traditional modes, banks are being pushed to reconsider the controls provided to users through mobile banking apps.

According to research by PYMNTS, 89 percent of people in a survey conceded that they wanted more controls in their banking apps. From being able to set login credentials to creating customized authentication controls for specific transactions, users want to do it all. Popular demands regarding these functionalities mean that banks need to take steps towards developing additional features on their apps. The viability of every control needs to be validated by banks before they are introduced on a large-scale basis for customers.

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In recognizing the customer demands for upgraded banking apps, banks also have to profile the implications that might compromise factors like data privacy and cybersecurity. Banks can look to strike a balance between providing the controls that customers want and ensuring foolproof security. The best way for banks to accomplish this is by incorporating artificial intelligence into banking apps. With AI, banks ensure fraud prevention while letting customers enjoy increased control over their transactions.

By giving in to the demands of the modern customer for enhanced mobile banking services, banks will be able to sustain a competitive edge and enjoy customer retention. Digitally-driven, well-integrated banking facilities will keep gaining momentum as intelligent controls allow customers to do more with their smartphones. 

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