How can Banks get their Omnichannel Approach Right?

Banking CIO Outlook | Thursday, May 28, 2020

With omnichannel becoming the norm, banks are transforming models and vying to enhance customer satisfaction.  

FREMONT, CA: Digitalization has proved to metamorphose the banking industry. The use of advanced technology and the development of connectivity have converted single-channel banking models into omnichannel ones. Customers expect superior levels of services. Thus, to stay competitive, banks need to find ways of optimizing omnichannel in accordance with customer expectations. By evolving effective omnichannel models, banks will not only be able to fulfill customer demand but will also achieve operational efficiency and technology-enabled advantages. Some ways in which banks can optimize omnichannel are enlisted and discussed below.

Customization of Engagement

While some millennial customers might want all-day connectivity through mobile banking apps, the previous generation of customers might want more conventional forms of engagement. Therefore, while optimizing omnichannel, banks must prioritize every factor depending on their relevance to certain segments of customers. Fostering digital engagement might be made the primary goal, but supporting every other form of communication throughout the day should also be a part of the omnichannel agenda.

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Sometimes, going omnichannel poses service delivery challenges. To overcome, banks should look to leverage integrated platforms that will allow them to manage customer touchpoints across every possible channel. With a unified system, banks can also achieve better customer insights. End-to-end omnichannel banking solutions often offer such capabilities, empowering banks to manage operations and customer relations smoothly.

Prioritizing User Experience

Another important thing to focus on is the user experience. While developing omnichannel strategies, banks must consider user experience as an area of priority and deploy resources to enhance it. By prioritizing user experience, banks enable integrated and consistent services while eliminating workarounds significantly.

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