How Banking Professionals Fight Against Growing Cyber Threats?

Banking CIO Outlook | Monday, January 13, 2020

Banking professionals are gearing up to tackle increasing cyber threats and forgeries by embracing emerging technologies. 

FREMONT, CA: With the emerging technology trends, the rising cybersecurity threat has become the primary concern for banking professionals. The enormous amount of valuable banking information of customers requires market-best security solutions. Any incidents of financial losses and regulatory consequences can not only cause reputational damage to the bank institutions’ reputation but also bring down the business revenue. Addressing such severe cyber-threats in the banking sector, innovative solution providers continuously focus on developing next-generation cybersecurity tools and applications. Let’s explore some of the popular trends that banking institutions consider to invest in.

The increase in the adoption level of mobile banking applications and web banking portals are topping the list of hackers to intrude. Bankers are approaching artificial intelligence and especially blockchain-based portals, to deliver products and services to their customers. Smart applications can help in sending instant alerts to the professionals and customers in case of any suspicious activity. The brilliant features of blockchain technologies allow professionals to keep track of every transaction while removing the need for any third party involvement in banking operations.Top Security Solution Companies

Banking professionals need to make precise and smart decisions for adopting the latest technology-based tools and applications across their operational infrastructure. Professionals can start by checking the tools and application performance reviews, ensuring security measures for different scenarios or challenges, and even searching backup features. For offering an effective and highly secured cashless ecosystem to the modern-age customers, bankers are introducing crypto-currencies and deploying platforms that support trading, transactions, or any payments based on encrypted values. Initiating steps like using crypto-based currencies and decentralized platforms have become one of the top trends for increasing cybersecurity of the banking applications and portals.  

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