How AI Stops Money Laundering

Banking CIO Outlook | Wednesday, December 18, 2019

AI-based solutions strengthen the banks’ abilities to identify potential suspicious activities and fight effectively against money laundering.    

FREMONT, CA: According to Lucidworks, the US government takes initiatives to bring more security by standardizing the rules and regulations against money laundering. To tackle the digital world’s challenges, banking sectors are looking forward to adopting emerging technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI).     

The continuously changing rules and regulations for banks and financial institutions help them tackle the evolving money-laundering issues. Deploying AI-based solutions into the banking ecosystem increases the effectiveness and efficiency of financial crime investigations and the institution’s risk management system. As the banking sector deals with massive amounts of money regularly, it is understandable that many leaders in this sector have been cautious about trying AI solutions.      

AI solutions can help banking professionals by enabling intelligent segmentation in case of any suspicious account activities. AI-based solutions can efficiently analyze transactions, observe patterns, and create updated and relevant segments. The innovative method to identify the potential abnormality in transactions helps the banking professionals to investigate more deeply in the same. This standard technique offered by AI proves to reduce the number of money-laundering alerts and increase the productivity of monitoring banking activities.   

To take advantage of AI solutions, banks do not need to invest in setting up new equipment. AI-based solutions for anti-money laundering offer flexible options for deployment, which lets the banking profes

sionals install AI-based software solutions to this existing operational infrastructure. AI-enabled anti-money laundering solutions can establish clear performance indicators and parameters, linking to the risk tracking solution. AI can also create a collaborative environment where customers, clients, vendors, regulators, government, and banks can achieve complete protection against forgery. AI lets every department and related individual to stay updated regarding the changed regulations, payments and transaction status, and more, creating transparency across the banking network.

Deploying AI lets the banking professionals focus on data inputs and ethical implications, and apply robust testing and validation for every banking step. Today, it is high time for banking professionals to adopt AI-based solutions to fight against money laundering.    

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