How AI Applications Will Disrupt the Finance Sector

Banking CIO Outlook | Wednesday, October 17, 2018

For all the industries, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has brought something new to the table. AI has the proper facts and figures which assists in decision making and helps in arriving at the right decisions. AI is new in the banking sector and is focusing on the former’s development and growth. AI can automate banking processes and thus perform all the tasks more efficiently and faster than humans.

AI Impacts Banking

• Chatbots: Chatbots are the new implementations that businesses are adopting. It’s a computer program that uses AI to interact with customers without the intervention of any banking staff. As the Chatbots are incorporated with a huge amount of data, it provides the relevant and the required information to their clients. These Chatbots also receive information regarding customers, their requests and conversions, and this information is processed to provide better experience and services to its clients.

• Customized Financial Service: AI can perform financial services by gathering information about the client’s banking institutions and their products by comparing the customer data and bank history. So, if a client aims to apply for an individual loan, AI will track the client cost stream, their income, and other parameters by which the customer can be granted the credit.

• Fraud Detection: Fraud management has been a painful procedure for the finance industry. With the increase in the number of payment channels, criminals have become adept at finding loopholes. AI learns things from the past cases and with the help of sophisticated algorithms it analyzes the patterns in data. After this, AI uses the collected data for spam detection, image recognition, predictive analytics, etc. AI teaches machines to identify the fraud and act upon in a short period, allowing humans to be more efficient and perform with confidence.                                 

AI is a perfect fit and can assist the Banking and finance industry by communicating with clients and enhancing their client relationship and thereby decreasing the chances of illegal tax avoidance.

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