How Advanced Payment Solutions Reshape Banking Operations

Banking CIO Outlook | Thursday, January 09, 2020

Leading software providers and developers collaborate to develop Innovative payment programs to upgrade merchants and sales distribution channel performance while stimulating creativity. 

FREMONT, CA: TAS USA Inc., a digital payments software provider, partners with Hawaii-based full-service payment processor, Super Processor to deliver end-to-end card payments platform, CARD 3.0, I.E. The SVP, Capital Markets & Treasury of TAS Group, Mario Mendia, states that the company tries to seize every opportunity of using mandatory and compliance budgets to transform banking operations based on the digital model. The partnership contributes to delivering innovative issues and acquiring features to cover the entire payments value chain. The full-service payment processor poises to take the full advantage of TAS USA's powerful and flexible payment solution abilities to control on the acquiring and issuing side while seamlessly integrating into a single secure state-of-the-art ecosystem.

This collaborative approach of Super Processor and TAS USA results in the issuance and management of MasterCard-branded credit cards on the CARD 3.0, I.E. platform in Q1 2020. The result introduces an advanced new card program to the clients. The new card program helps in making loyalty functionalities by delivering a highly innovative customer-centric payment product.

CARD 3.0, I.E. is available across Cloud through a rich set of APIs and provide Super Processor with the flexibility to balance with demand at the same time and ensure a high level of security and performance of the products. The managing director of TAS USA, Peter Caiazzi, explains that deploying CARD 3.0 IE solution through the Cloud helps their customers to handle their infrastructures in better ways, save on costs, increase the speed to market, and improve service levels.

The company is a leading technology organization that delivers advanced solutions for payment systems, cards, and capital markets. The company offers market-best software, helping both banks and new participants to manage frictionless, real-time B2B, B2C, B2G transactions, integrating with and harnessing the latest technologies.

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