Guide to Treasury Management, Here's how Technology plays a Key Role!

Banking CIO Outlook | Friday, September 06, 2019

Treasury management with mitigated financial, operational, and reputational risks is now a reality with innovative technologies. 

FREMONT, CA: Modern treasury involves a more interactive platform around corporate treasury and banks, payment hub facilities and stabilization by technology players, cloud offerings, and outsourcing. The role of the treasury has evolved from being a centralized liquidity management function to being a complete payment-oriented, adopting innovation to develop an independent identity for itself. Below are certain technologies, which have transformed the treasury management.  


Blockchain is increasingly garnering attention for its use cases beyond cryptocurrencies. It now can transfer data and multiple assets that can help a firm keep track of to improve operations. Technological innovations let the treasury management operate its own private distributed ledger. Treasury management mitigates complexities in multiple processes, including billing and cross-border payments.

Internet of Things

IoT has the potential to embed communication into domestic and industrial appliances, machines, and tools, to send and receive data. Banks are increasingly turning to collaborate with emerging fintech companies, to bring the most dynamic digital solutions to treasury management. It has the potential to provide advanced solutions to clients.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has the potential to help treasurers deal with regulation developments. Corporate treasurers are under continual pressure to deal with problems such as increasingly demanding customers, regulatory changes, and advancing globalization. Treasury management now is progressively shifting to technology such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) powered by AI. These sophisticated algorithms will automate treasury tasks.

The outlook of the treasury management within the corporate has seen a fair quantity of shift initially and is going through a tremendous quality of consolidation and innovation. The treasury management of a bank has its prime focus on maintaining the surplus and shortfall of its liquidity requirements. The role of corporate treasury is more adapted to controlling the working capital. Keeping with the times and being regulated is a way for endurance in the world of the emerging treasury. 

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