Four Cultural Shifts that Will Help Financial Institutions Reach Customer experience Mindset

Banking CIO Outlook | Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Efficient enterprises prioritize user experience metrics, which helps them measure the quality of customer experience, making it a vital aspect.

Fremont, CA: Financial institutions face significant issues as it adapts to the digital transformation. However, some organizations are adopting a customer experience mindset and achieving positive outcomes with fewer resources.

Here are five cultural shifts that will enable financial institutions to meet an enhanced customer experience model:

Emotions Instead of Information

Users remember experiences that are created from emotions. And as such, information needs to be incorporated into a context of usage and become an organic part of the user experience. Therefore, organizations need to use intuitive information architecture and a design to manage it as well as explore the users to connect with them emotionally.

From Sales to Service

Companies that adopt the work ethics of the Experience Age focus on achieving the highest value to the client, for which they reward the company and support its development. Efficient enterprises prioritize user experience metrics, which helps them measure customer experience quality, making it a vital aspect.

Sales efficiency rely on the service value to users during the Experience Age, and positive review becomes excellent advertising because of the network effect. Thus, accomplished companies have changed their target from sales to service, supporting their products and their culture via metrics, values, and learning.

Create Experience Flow

Experience Mindset does not see products as separate parts but as a continuous experience flow. This helps organizations identify links between user needs, emotions, behavior and service features, designs, and strategy.

Emphasize on Disruption

Financial institutions need to change their mindset to find a solution to transform themselves as disruption can offer meaningful and enhanced experiences for users.


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