Folio Financial Makes Direct Indexing Efficient

Banking CIO Outlook | Friday, July 05, 2019

Direct indexing has been a dream, but now it is becoming a reality. The introduction of by Folio Financial is making a dream come true.

FREMONT, CA: Folio Financial, a digital-first brokerage, custody, and fintech firm, has launched a direct indexing website, Folio offers unique technology for delivering direct indexing in an exceedingly efficient way to any sized consumer account. With the introduction of a new website, the plan has been taken into action.

Using the, advisors can build customizable portfolios for clients by creating personalized investment plans for any account size. An advisor can use a standard index, develop their Ready-to-Go Folios (RTGs) to start and then customize, filter and weigh them for particular industries and sectors based on their geographies. The advisor should consider the social and value-based preferences, the human capital needs of a client and more, with a button click of the same weight, market cap weighting or any other weighting the consultant would like.

The website includes fractional share investing, virtually unlimited commission-free trading in multiple daily windows, supporting any sized account, and model-based trading for efficiency in managing hundreds or thousands of accounts at once, all with no minimum amounts and for one low asset-based fee. It is built with keeping Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) in mind and with a complete fully-integrated advisor workstation.

Also, working with Folio enables RIAs to:

• Use Folio's installed business procedures and practice the management instruments that power the direct indexing engine
• Access to total and seamless, integrated online client reporting, including brokerage statements and tax documents
• Advantage of online, paperless single-click proxy voting and further diversify their direct indexes with alternative investments, and much more.

The technology for direct indexing is very, but after research and hard work, the implementation of an idea to create a direct indexing website is worked upon, and now it has been brought to the market for direct indexers. 

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