First American Payment Systems Launches Amiable Payment Integration Tools

Banking CIO Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

FORT WORTH, TX: First American Payment Systems, a payment processing industry comes up with its new solution for payment integration, merchant boarding and reporting tools entitled 1stPayBlaze. The product allows ISVs (Integrated Software Vendors) to accept payments instantly on their platform where new merchants can sign up at ease.

"As the payments world evolves, ISV partners are looking to increase revenue and differentiate their product offerings in the marketplace. 1stPayBlaze provides that functionality to the ISV community, as well as to their existing and new merchants, backed by our award-winning customer service and technical support. Our tools allow developers to incorporate this advanced technology within their software or website quickly and easily, eliminating many of the complex integration steps required in certifications,” explains Neil Randel, Chief Executive Officer, First American Payment Systems.

As 1stPayBlaze extends a REST API in multiple languages including JavaScript, Ruby, Python, WCF and PHP, enabling developers to be able to drop in code into their platform or solution in order to accept payments securely. Code for simple payments, recurring billing, ACH payments, customized reporting and more APIs are enabled in the product which is also available on GitHub.

Furthermore, the product has the ability to sign up merchants on a branded web form that can be created and added to a partner’s website in minutes as well as on an API for full customization of the merchant boarding process.

“1stPayBlaze helped expedite the online application process for our customers by making it convenient. The ability to customize this process for how we run our business makes life easier for the customers we are serving. I would highly recommend using 1stPayBlaze to get your customers or merchants up and running faster with less headaches,” states The Rocket Company, a company focused on coaching and providing resources to church leadership teams who recently deployed to sign up new customers.

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