FintechOS Bags $14M to Expedite Bank Flexibility

Banking CIO Outlook | Thursday, December 19, 2019

A TaaS-based organization is allowing banks and insurance companies to redefine the customer experience by offering them a complete digital journey. 

FREMONT, CA: A Technology as a Service organization, FintechOS has secured $14 million in a Series A investment led by the Digital East Fund of Earlybird Venture Capital and OTB Ventures and existing investors, Gapminder Ventures and Launchub. The company enables banks and insurance companies to act and react faster with plug and play products. The extra capital secured will be used to continue the growth and expansion across Europe and to expand into South East Asia, and the U.S. FintechOS's technology platform enables conventional banks, and insurance companies to adapt to rapidly changing customer expectations. 

FintechOS's technology platform facilitates conventional banks to meet the agility and flexibility of fintech startups with customized services and products in weeks rather than months or years. The banks and insurance institutions can then launch multi-cloud SaaS implementations, transitioning to the cloud and on-premises deployments, working beside the existing technology infrastructure. FintechOS's approach is customer-centric and not technology, transforming the financial industry, empowering banks, and insurance companies to act and react faster than fintech startups, to create a smarter, slicker customer experience.  Top Fintech Solution Companies 

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FintechOS is a TaaS platform for enterprise insurance institutions, necessitating to drive growth, defend against disruptive market entrants, and accelerate digital transformation. The company expedites the development of E2E products by allowing non-technical staff to create, test, and operate robust omnichannel applications, comprising of customer-facing services. Banking and insurance organizations deliver data-driven services to new markets 10 times faster, shorten purchase lifecycles, and cut development and operating costs by 75 percent.   

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