Fintech to Support Agricultural Sustainability

Banking CIO Outlook | Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Fintech broadens the prospect of agriculture by refurbishing farming practices with smart and extensive funding aids.   

FREMONT, CA: The agricultural sector remains the primary source of livelihood for a large proportion of the world's population and a vital contributor to the GDP. Agriculture and the innovation around it radically continue to catalyze growth and sustainability, primarily for magnified food security. Credit is a pivotal dimension of agriculture throughout the world. Two core features of agricultural production are the long-time lag between input investment and profit realization, and the substantial covariate risks imposed on agricultural production by weather shocks. Digital marketplace with fintech-enabled practices can help the agriculture industry in reaching new heights with more effective distribution and funding aids.

Fintech is supporting the agricultural sector in many ways. Farmers now get loans easily for farming operations. Borrowing money is a conventional part of any farming work in many nations. With the embracement of fintech, farmers are no more compelled to go to external sources and jump through multiple hoops to acquire the funding they needed to work. Farmers can now also have better opportunities for establishing personal connections with lenders and other institutions that might be relevant in their operations. This change solely can make a potential impact on the way things work provincially.


The financial embodiment in the farming sector has traditionally been moderate, but that's no longer the case now. Many financial services are becoming more convenient for farmers. The potential for digital financial services to boost growth, especially amongst excluded segments of the population, is substantial. New companies arriving in the market have focused on this aspect, particularly, bringing an even comprehensive variety of financial means and utilities to this corner of the market. Many other positive outcomes can also be traced back to fintech.    

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