FinTech, the Future of Digital Money

Banking CIO Outlook | Monday, March 25, 2019

Physical wallets were replaced by electronic payment systems and subsequently, offline banking came to a minimum due to net banking facilities. The evolution of technology in the finance industry doesn’t end here; it has been transforming the lifestyle of the people drastically. Now, the world has reached the next level of digital money with Fintech. The new financial technology is expected to make way for digitalizing banking, finance, stocks, and shares, etc.

Fintech firms envision transforming the business world by employing applied sciences, improving infrastructures, and building well-designed software architectures to leverage technologies such as artificial intelligence, internet of things, the blockchain, machine to machine supporting automation, machine vision, and imaging. Aiming at coalescing the power of various technologies and achieving huge financial goals, fintech era of banking and finance uses blockchain combined with automation software to migrate to intelligent applications, which can visualize the problem statement just like a human brain. The banker bots’ effective decision-making skills and immediate actions help in attaining accuracy, and cost and time efficiencies.

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Fintech helps the financial sectors in streamlining the operations. With this, simplification of complex procedures, understanding the executions, comprehensive management of the processes and operational authenticity can be ensured undoubtedly. Easing cash management and automating critical tasks like administration and data handling functions, the new financial technology also focuses on optimizing the analytics of the industry. Bankers are enabled to understand their customers to provide personalized assistance. Fintech comes up with online-based financial analytics to serve real-time purposes. Analyzing customer actions and capturing this data, Fintech integrates open-source platforms like Hadoop and more to craft advanced processing solutions, which manage large volumes of data and help automate customer-oriented operations. Traditional banking systems are modernized with Fintech features.  Fintech will eventually contribute to the future of digital money.

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