Fidor Collaborates with Finn AI to Launch Banking Chatbot Solution

Banking CIO Outlook | Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Fintech pioneer Fidor has released the latest chatbot to enter the market, designed in collaboration with Finn AI, the leading AI-powered conversational banking technology provider. This build-out distinguishes Fidor as one of the first digital banking service providers to embed a conversational assistant within its technology assemblage.

The Fidor chatbot provides end users with access to instant, easy-to-action financial support for all of their banking needs, enabling them to perform economic activities and interact with their bank using human conversations.

Customers will benefit from this market ready digital banking platform with pre-integrated conversational AI including capabilities of deep machine learning and natural language processing. Also, bank partners will benefit from Fidor's experience and valuable insights with conversational banking in place. Financial institutions use the Fidor Operating System (fidorOS) for tailoring neobanks, the digital-only banks. Additionally, across Europe Fidor provides Banking-as-a-Service platform for organizations including technology, compliance, risk management, go-to-market strategy and customer service under its general banking license. 

The chatbot is designed with an ability to identify sophisticated language nuances with a comprehensive understanding of service requests. It continually optimizes its performance—with the incorporated deep learning and natural language processing ability— by providing a truly personal experience.

Matthias Kröner, Founder & CEO of Fidor, commented that the expansion of their platform reinforces their strong belief in chatbots as a new method to interact with customers. With the integration of AI services with the fidorOS platform, they are creating a cutting edge technology infrastructure for banks to stay ahead of the digital curve, which responds timely to the customer requirements.

The chatbot available on the web and mobile banking platforms allows fast routing of complex conversations to the appropriate human for response and addressing general customer queries. As a continuation, next, the chatbot will assist with transactional services soon.

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