Ensuring Higher Return on Investment with Improved Business Valuation

Banking CIO Outlook | Monday, July 22, 2019

Michael M. Carter, Founder and CEO

It sometimes becomes difficult to evaluate the prospects of profit. This is where business valuation and big data can enable companies to understand their potential better.

FREMONT, CA: “We have been committed from the beginning of starting BizEquity to help democratize this vital knowledge to business owners. We do it through distributing our product through the best bankers, advisors, agents, and consultants in the world.  Our new Enterprise Guarantee ensures our interests are aligned and helps us get our product out to more and more business owners through the advisors that serve them,” says Michael M. Carter, Founder, and CEO of BizEquity, launching the new fintech application, Enterprise ROI Guarantee.  

BizEquity’s Enterprise ROI Guarantee will be available to the clients that sign up for 500 or more seats in the company’s patented software offering in the year 2019. The company noticed that the users of their software were doing great with their ROI. Hence, the company decided to take up the guarantee feature. This move will help companies with better business valuation awareness. When businesses have expert advice and guaranteed ROI for rollouts, they enable better functioning.

The platform enables banks, agents, and consultants to distribute benefits of the company's offering among the clients. The most significant among these is the Business Valuation Report, Insurance Value Report, Big Data Business Owner Prospecting tool, and Business Value Scorecard. Through these, institutions and agents provide vital insights into the financial positions of clients, a real-time picture regarding potential insurance coverage, and a better engagement daily. 

Jason Early, Chief Revenue Officer of BizEquity, adds, “There is over $13.1 Trillion of business owner wealth that is set to transition over the next decade. This opportunity is simply too big to ignore. I am proud of Mike & BizEquity for making this commitment, because it truly is a win for everybody, but most importantly for the advisors and the business owner clients they serve, as the advisor is now able to provide better advice, and the business owner finally understands the value of their largest asset.”

BizEquity is a global leader in providing business valuation and big data services. It works through financial organizations and advisors to reach out to smaller businesses and helps them in having increased awareness regarding the finances and wealth management aspect. The company has been successful in getting its clients to improve revenues and has established a special place for itself in the fintech market.

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