Duco Incorporates Predictive ML to Data Platform

Banking CIO Outlook | Friday, July 12, 2019

Christian Nentwich, Founder & CEO

With the advancement in AI and ML technologies, the quality of the data is becoming the primary factor for business growth, and Duco is poised enough to gain from this trend. 

FREMONT, CA: Duco, a data engineering technology company that provides self-service data engineering in the cloud, has disclosed that it has incorporated predictive machine-learning (ML) into its Duco Data Integrity and Reconciliation platform.

An important aspect that allows Duco to stand out among its competitors is its capability to leverage computer science to deal with real-world data complexity problems. With the advancement in technologies such as AI and ML, the quality of the data is becoming the primary factor for business growth and Duco is poised enough to gain from this trend.

Over the past 18 months, Duco has made considerable advancements in developing an audit-compliant ML platform. Development of such a system involves training algorithms with the available data sets to spot and predict patterns, and Duco has a clear advantage because of its true software as a service (SaaS) offerings in the market.

The new and improved basic ML capabilities of Duco are dedicated to predicting how data should be matched. With an accuracy of 80 percent, it significantly reduces the transition time from macros or legacy platforms and spreadsheets, thereby giving clients an enormous chance to better their control environment by reducing the cost of change.

According to Christian Nentwich, the expanding set of ML models that they planned to introduce further will help businesses unleash their potential and offset expenses significantly. Douggie Melville-Clarke, head of Duco’s Labs said that predictive matching was the first of the series of ML deployments that they would deliver fast as they have got a solid foundation. He added that they were aiming to help the clients with normalization of data, and, cutting short exception investigation project were the other areas that they were planning to address.

Duco, which was featured among the Top 10 Reconciliation Platform Solution Providers 2019 in Banking CIO Outlook magazine recently, hopes to empower end users to normalize, aggregate, and reconcile data while automating all phases of reconciliation processes.

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