Direct Connect Data Enabling Intelligent Data Validation

Banking CIO Outlook | Friday, January 17, 2020

Direct connect data services are meeting the need for timely access to data for in-house analysis and modeling.

FREMONT, CA: A leading provider of solutions for financial services professionals, Informa Financial Intelligence has launched Direct Connect Data Service solutions. This new solution leverages Informa's Banking Intelligence, integrating data seamlessly into subscribers' systems and processes for faster evidence-based business decisions. This effective service enables users to validate data while understanding market landscapes, visualize results and gain insights. This service also acquires data, making it available for collaborative use across internal business partners and businesses, replacing manual data export and maintenance.    

Informa Financial Intelligence understands that its clients need timely access to data for in-house analysis. The company integrates the Direct Connect Data Service solutions in their systems to provide customers with almost instant access to the most recent data. Informa Financial Intelligence's feeds are aimed to provide access to large data sets into customer workflows with minimum effort conveniently. Granting clients with direct access to Informa's rich proprietary data helps the service guarantee users with the latest updates needed to make informed business decisions. Direct Connect Data Service solutions inform each user on how to meet and exceed business goals and objectives strategically with the help of featuring customizable settings and how to reconcile price positions and strategies.

Informa Financial Intelligence is the pioneering financial research service offering fund, investment, wealth management, and retail banking market intelligence. The company offers its clients with market-leading competitive benchmarking, customer analytics, and specialized data. With Informa Financial Intelligence, financial experts get a competitive advantage required to make informed decisions, forecast performance, understand trends, drive profitability and boost returns. Informa Financial Intelligence provides actionable insight to help its customers make smarter decisions with unparalleled insight into market opportunity, competitive performance and customer segment behavioral patterns and performance through specialized industry research.  

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