Digital Platforms make Investments Simple for the Millennials! Here's How

Banking CIO Outlook | Monday, July 22, 2019

Artificial intelligence builds smart and reliable virtual assistants to help the millennials better investments.  

FREMONT, CA: Kasisto, a leading digital experience platform for the financial services industry, has launched KAI Investment Management (KIM) at InVest 2019. KIM, an AI-based virtual investment assistant, can help the wealth managers to meet the needs of customers according to their demography. The newly launched digital platform encourages the millennials to make invest better by educating them with information about their portfolios and accurate insights.  

With a massive shift of the wealth in the modern world, the generational wealth brings new opportunities for the wealth managers to engage new clients. Digital facilities, like assistants integrated with artificial intelligence, are taking over the traditional investment processes of review meetings and phone calls. The introduction of KIM helps the wealth managers to build an efficient digital experience and strategy to resonate with new client demography. The advanced conversational AI technology tailors a next-level digitally engaging experiences, collecting essential data of the customers such as their goals, life plans, and financial priorities. The provided insights assist the managers in guiding and suggesting the new customers for the right investment plans.

For a new customer, the investment management industry can be a term of colossal confusion. KIM educates the customers to make a profitable investment. The digital experience can resonate and excite them to engage with the banking processes and their investment advisor for a secure investment.  A proper delivery, timely, and contextual suggestions based on the information and investment goals improves the customer’s interactions. The investment recommendations and offers majorly based on intelligent conversations, reducing customer acquisition cost. The improved product suggestions and service delivery create a smart system for both clients and investment management industries. KIM, AL solution comes with features to customize, maintain, and grow the conversational experiences. The full suite of measurable tools covers the business dashboard, AI training & analysis, and conversation manager.

Kasisto, the developer of KAI, aims to engage and service their customers with virtual assistance anywhere and anytime. The offered AI platforms power the bots on mobile applications, web portals, messaging, and voice-enabled devices. Major financial institutions adopt KIA to create brilliant conversations, fulfilling demands, solving problems, and predicting the future needs of the customers.

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