Digital Payment Solution, an Opportunity to Create Next Generation Property Management

Banking CIO Outlook | Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Digital payment platform has emerged as the perfect solution for challenges with payment processing in the property management industry.  

FREMONT, CA: ManageCasa—to triumph in its mission to solve the biggest challenges of property owners, landlords and property managers face—rolls out a new digital payment solution for the property management industry, by teaming up with Stripe, the platform for online payment processing.

A good case for digital payment is where property managers and investors have properties in a diverse array of places. Manual processing of payments create worries and depends on bank hours, processing periods, and currency exchange can present delays, stress, and higher costs. With ManageCasa's new platform, landlords and property managers will be able to automate rent payments other income charges and expense payments and enjoy a fully-automated bookkeeping experience from end to end. 

As client property margins slide, and portfolios grow, modern property managers must utilize all the best property management digital technology to keep their income. Going digital may be the only way property managers can continue growing revenue faster. Adopting digital solutions optimizes all most every area of property management. Doing business, as usual, may limit the company's potential and ManageCasa is powering up the property management business, with its innovative digital approach to increase value for property managers.

With ManageCasa, property management firms will be able to digitize their entire business around technology. Rent payments, bookkeeping, and vendor payments are all tracked and recorded when they occur immediately. It also provides professional support along with automating and streamlining tenant and lease management, accounting, maintenance, and communication.

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