Digital ID Wallet is here to Secure Personal Identity Documents!

Banking CIO Outlook | Friday, August 23, 2019

The factors of convenience and security converge with innovative digital ID wallet solutions that can simplify online identity verifications.

FREMONT, CA: Thales, the leading digital security provider has launched Gemalto Digital ID Wallet, a new offering that will allow users to store digital versions of important documents securely. By creating a single platform with several layers of encryption, the ID wallet will facilitate a convenient experience for users who want to carry identity proofs safely in smartphones. This next-generation approach comes at a crucial juncture when governments and organizations are encouraging digitalization of documents at all levels.

The digital wallet from Thales provides high levels of convenience to users as it allows complete control over personal data. It also contains features that will enable users to share information and give optional accessibility to other parties whenever required. One can easily store health cards, driving licenses, identity cards, and many other crucial documents which can be accessed with a simple touch or swipe. A digital wallet eliminates the risks associated with carrying the original documents physically all the time.

As governments prioritize digitalization, Gemalto Digital ID Wallet can play the role of facilitator by enabling direct issuance and delivery of identity documents to citizens. It will help authorities minimize delivery time, cut costs, and overcome bureaucratic lags while fighting chances of fraud. Thus, the solution is highly suitable for end-users as well as government bodies. Developed after extensive feedback and positive response, the offering carries a lot of value because of its highly optimized platform, tools, and features.

Every time a citizen opts for a service, there is a need for some identity verification. Gemalto Digital ID Wallet makes this process seamless by allowing ID attribute sharing, online authentication, and digital signatures. A user is free to walk into a bank to open an account or visit a hospital to get a check-up done without carrying the required documents in physical form. A user can be completely assured that his or her credentials are secure in the safe digital environment of this Thales solution.

Thales has been a reliable service provider in the digital security arena and has come up with some of the most relevant and convenient solutions to address everyday challenges. With an extensive network of facilities, the company serves customers across the globe and makes the cyberspace secure by creating smart and efficient capabilities.

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