Data-Driven Banking: Key to Transaction Intelligence and Customer Satisfaction

Banking CIO Outlook | Friday, July 26, 2019

Data, if intelligently leveraged, can do a world of good to banking firms, from making services better to improving customer satisfaction.

FREMONT, CA: In an organization like a bank, data carries a lot of importance. With raging digitalization, it has become a whole lot easier to access customer data from internal as well as external sources. Technological advancements have equipped banks with tools to gain significant insights from the data. Thus, data analytics is changing the way banks work. From traditional business models where decision-making was not that accurate, banks are evolving into organizations where decisions are intelligent and data-backed.

As a result of better business decisions, banks have been able to increase revenue, become cost-effective, prevent frauds and ensure better customer engagement. These advantages are integral for banks in the current scenario, where the number of competitors is increasing, and customers' expectations are changing radically. Optimizing the data in a bank can give a competitive advantage. Certain practices help banks manage data efficiently.

One such practice is that of integrating the diverse sources of data. There is no shortage of data in today's digitalized work environments. However, the data flows in from various departments in different volumes. Banks can realize the potential of data better if the scattered data is accumulated correctly before putting them through analysis. Integrated data from multiple locations, files and clouds can provide a comprehensive view and help detect patterns and insights that fragmented data cannot.

Raw data has to be effectively transformed into meaningful insights. Doing this on a large scale requires expertise. Hence, to make data useful, intelligent analytics should be applied in real-time. With several data-related solutions available for banks, they can easily optimize data-handling processes. A centralized and easy to use data landscape is ideal for optimum benefits. The infrastructure that enables compliant and agile data capabilities is advantageous.

Gaining and retaining customers has become simpler because of data. Banks should make the most of it and drive innovative products and services to gain and retain customers.

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