Customer Data Betters Financial Marketing Management, Personalization Finds its Part

Banking CIO Outlook | Thursday, June 27, 2019

Personalized marketing, which used to be an uphill task for financial firms, has become achievable with modern technological interventions.

FREMONT, CA: Financial firms are striving to perform well in a competitive market. A well designed, and customer-centric marketing strategy can take banks closer to their targets or even increase the margin of profit. The companies in this sector have access to a vast amount of customer data. Technology is ready to help firms leverage this data for analysis and subsequent application in policy and business decisions. The field of marketing can gain a lot of companies focus on utilizing the data to target and deliver better.

By investing in the right tools, financial firms from different levels can change exchange current marketing methodologies with people-based marketing. The transformation is well within the scope and can create a better conversion, improved customer experience, and enhanced personalization. There exist platforms these days that accumulate, arrange, and analyze customer data. Banks can take advantage of such facilities to build a single view of consumers and potential consumers with all their data at a single place. With unique aspects of every customer, firms get a better idea of their consumers. 

Personalization works like magic in every industry. If a company can customize marketing according to individual customers, there are higher chances of conversion. These days, with digital marketing becoming the norm, there exist several different channels of marketing. Companies must ensure that personalization is well managed and consistent across all the channels so that all the marketing directed at an individual is precisely the same even if the medium changes.

Initiation of personalized marketing requires proper planning before implementation. Providing sufficient time for test runs and observations are essential. It is advisable that companies scale up the changes gradually and not all at once. Centralized control is integral to the success of such marketing strategies.

Finding out which customer qualify for which product based on their data attributes allows companies to decide on which products and service should feature while marketing for a particular audience. Decisions based on data also minimize the chance of targeting the wrong audience. It might be unpleasant if people keep coming across advertisements for products they are not interested in the least.

Digital marketing, coupled with a customer-based approach, can contribute to excellent marketing and fast growth.

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