Core Banking Solutions to provide the Next Generation Services for the Modern Bankers

Banking CIO Outlook | Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Banking Sector has shown a massive transformation by offering numerous services and products. The high banking performance and efficiency are, after all, the result of adopting Core Banking Services (CBS).

FREMONT, CA: With the tremendous growth in digital innovations, needs and delivery expectations of the customers are equally raising, in terms of products or services. Financial institutions and banks have transformed banking practices right from simple functions of deposits and loans to various flexible offerings to their customers. To tackle the new world’s critical challenges such as profitability, competitions, complications in loans, fulfilling customer demands, and more banks are adopting core banking solutions.

CBS centralizes the bank’s system, which allows a seamless workflow by automating the frontend and backend process within the bank. It delivers significant benefits to the bank organizations by unifying the procedures, transactions, services, and products. The centralized system allows the bank to access information across all the branches, which directly gives the advantage to offer target specific products and services for their customers. Regardless of the home-branch, core banking service makes it possible for the customers and bankers to access and deliver all the banking facilities from all the branches across the country.

Implementations of the core banking solutions ensure precise and human error-free financial services to the customers. It helps the banking organizations to build a trust factor with their customers by improving efficiency and performance. Deploying CBS in banking systems brings in a healthy competitive environment among the internal staff. The intelligent solution limits the errors which automatically minimizes the need for human interventions. The accuracy and the real-time data can help in identifying the forgery and the possible fraud patterns too. All the known advantages like less human intervention can reduce the operational costs, the real-time data can help to study and meet the customer demands, and the potential of identification or highlighting the different financial patterns can improvise the analysis of reports. 

The in-house core banking process has numerous features to offer in one package, and some of them are customer relationships management (CRM), customer onboarding, account management, transaction management, payment processing, loan disbursal and management, new banking product designing and many more. Core banking solutions have redefined the way of banking by providing integrated banking solutions, covering the needs and requirements of both banker and customer.

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