Competitive Areas for Crypto Asset Transactions

Banking CIO Outlook | Thursday, April 04, 2019

FiscalNote made an alliance with Georgetown Law Professor Chris Brummer to launch new broadcast covering fintech and its implications. The broadcast began with the release of Brummer’s exclusive analysis of implications around crypto asset regulations worldwide, considering the anticipated reports from two leading European financial regulatory authorities that are expected to be delivered soon. Brummer’s exclusive analysis about the new regulatory reports got published first in CQ, and it furthermore covers about the anticipated push by regulators to begin coordinating crypto asset regulation in the EU. The efforts could have global repercussion for the U.S. investors and other participants in the market.

Brummer is an expert in finance, technology, and governance and is the right fit to be the leading voice to provide detailed analysis on the connotation of this regulation, alongside expert journalists from CQ. The broadcast will traverse over FiscalNote’s media assets, including Roll Call and CQ; it will feature new video and podcast content, starting with Brummer’s analysis of significant regulatory developments. Josh Resnik, SVP/Publisher, and Chief Content Officer stated that to evaluate the significance of fintech development and related policy decisions, expert insights must be provided to lawmakers, regulators, consumers, and businesses. Brummer’s expertise is expected to deliver the best guidance for the reader and subscribers. He was a faculty director of Georgetown’s Institute of International Economic Law, has testified before EU and the U.S. legislative body, and he frequently participates in global regulatory dialogues. Brummer was nominated twice by former U.S. President Barack Obama to serve as a commissioner for Commodities Futures Trading Commission. 

FiscalNote started this new broadcast after the strategic hire of Josh Resnik. The expert was brought in to guide the company’s strategy for producing, monetizing, and distributing content; it also serves as SVP/Publisher of CQ and Roll Call, along with all prominent content licensing and distribution partnerships. CQ Roll Call was acquired by FiscalNote in August 2018 for $180 million. The acquisition aims to amalgamate the strengths of complementary businesses and to integrate CQ Roll Call’s award-winning journalism prowess and content with FiscalNote’s dominion technology. The company’s suite of software solutions aims to provide customer policy data, news, and analysis.    

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