Commercial Banks wear the Empathy Hat

Banking CIO Outlook | Thursday, June 27, 2019

Commercial banking is adding empathy into their institutions, service, and experience leading to customer satisfaction.

FREMONT, CA: Innovation and disruption will not only transform how traditional commercial banks need to service their clients, but it will also evolve what clients come to expect. Banks of all sizes are evaluating technology-led transformation with limited to functional improvements. This is an edgy experiment that may enhance customer experience with improved efficiency. It will, though, lack the depth that is necessary to differentiate and define the bank in the future. A strategic approach begins with meeting customer needs, addressing it effectively. The customer needs to keep shifting due to the growth in the use of entry of non-traditional competitors and technology. There are certain principles to shape the next move.

• M&A: A Novel Option

The scale-driven advantage is a requirement for serving the most significant segments of the market in the most efficient and technology-enabled manner. It is highly unlikely that through consolidation, the ability to reach the “needed” scale of a top five bank is possible. Smaller banks need to increase and maintain relevancy and find other ways to outflank bigger competitors.

• Embracing Data   

Banking institutions adapt how to improve the use of data. Financial institutions are quite good at understanding customers. These are now baseline expectation for how the industry uses data. Banks should start asking whether they are linking their data to business decisions. Several firms have made this transaction smoothly, adjusting their business processes accordingly.

• Ecosystem Approach

New digital technologies are raising the pressure to use IT to the company’s advantage rather than using it to support the business. Critics will point to the variation in tech spend where scale has an overwhelming benefit. If costs associated with the commodity aspects are share or reduces, this unreachable technology investment can be replicated.

The new banking trend makes a difference by allowing collaborating and sharing opinions across the end-to-end commercial client journey in light of developing innovation and customer expectations. It gives the chance to be in clients’ shoes and gain an in-depth understanding of the varieties of experiences and services required and how new technology and inclinations can be used to deliver these.

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