Cloud Lending Solutions Announces Major Expansion of the CL Solution Suite with New Product: CL Portal

Banking CIO Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

SAN MATEO, CA: Cloud Lending Solutions, a leader in cloud-based loan and leasing software, announced upgrades to its end-to-end suite of lending products for its commercial banks, retail banks and credit union clients with the expansion of its latest product CL Portal™ already in production at a Fortune Global 500 Bank.

The new CL Portal provides a differentiated borrowing experience for commercial, small business and consumer loans for borrowers, investors, and stakeholders by seamlessly integrating with loan product workflows and document management to create a personalized, unique experience for loans ranging from fully automated consumer loans to multi-entity, collaborative commercial loans. The CL Portal supports multiple borrower types including: 

• Commercial Loan Origination Portal: financial institutions can now design a commercial loan portal and enable borrowers to log on and securely upload required documents and check the status of a loan in progress. The CL Portal extends existing document management functionality already in CL Originate, to display a list of document requirements associated with the borrower and facilitate the document upload process and review process.

• Small Business Loan Application Portal: facilitates a cost-effective, online small business loan origination process leveraging automated scoring criteria and third-party data. Designed to integrate with borrower and back office lending workflows, 3rd party data collections, document collections, and review from CL Originate.

• Consumer Loan Application Portal: providing a multi-channel personalized and differentiated borrowing experience for consumer loan products. Configurable workflows allow banks to manage the complete consumer loan application including acknowledgments, credit, document delivery, offer, and acceptance.

• Investor Portal works in conjunction with CL Marketplace, enables financial institutions to extend investment opportunities to their customers by making portions of loans available for investment. CL Portal enables investors to view investment opportunities, bid on applicable loans and manage existing investments.

“Building a positive borrower experience is no longer just about look and feel, it is about creating financial services that match and exceed the borrower’s expectations,” says Snehal Fulzele, CEO of Cloud Lending Solutions. “Every day, more and more banks are asking for an integrated loan portal that allows them to configure highly personal, customer-centric experience. CL Portal™ allows Banks to build that interaction with an origination platform in months, rather than years.”

The release was made generally available on July 31, 2017. 


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