Challenges Banks Face while Embracing Digital Transformation

Banking CIO Outlook | Monday, November 09, 2020

The digital transformation in banking opened a unified platform that centralizes data and connects multiple systems and departments, which effectively removes the problems caused by silos

Fremont, CA: Digital transformation is a multi-faceted process, and for banks, it is a moving target. With the evolving demands of customers and growing disruptions in financial technologies, banks are under pressure to adapt and innovate.

These new technological disruptions show the need for bank practices and standards for digital transformation by changing their old approach and investing in technologies to navigate and capitalize on various banking challenges and opportunities.

Here are three digital transformation challenges that banks face:


Digital transformation, like any other face challenges with new and updated regulations, but this transformation also help comply with new regulations. And banks have an easier time following GDPR when it comes to updating their management practices.

Top 10 Digital Banking Solution Companies in Europe - 2020Digital transformation is all about data, and customers all use data management as a service.

The Gap in Customer Expectations

Customers expect more from banks than just to secure their fund because big tech sectors have changed user experience for their customers to a point where it has raised the standards of expectations for customers.


Digital transformation has become very complicated because of players in the big tech arena. Banks compete with other banks and fintech when it comes to customer experience, but they also compete against other significant tech sectors on a large scale.

Digital transformation is a necessary action that needs to be taken immediately in the banking sector if they do not want to be left behind while the use of digital transformation is evolving. Banks need to take the opportunity when implementing these technologies to offer better services and build a better relationship with their customers as customer satisfaction, and trust is the utmost priority.

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