Booking Flight Tickets Needs no Bank Account with an All-New Payment Method

Banking CIO Outlook | Thursday, June 25, 2020

Gustavo Ruiz Moya, CEO

New option to purchase flight tickets for customers without having a bank account or credit card is rising to popularity.      

FREMONT, CA: "SafetyPay was born as a payment platform to enable alternative payment methods, encompass bank transfer and cash collection with real-time notification, with a focus on cross-border transactions through a global network of banks," says Gustavo Ruiz Moya, CEO of SafetyPay. GOL has launched a new payment option available for customers via SafetyPay Brazil digital alternative payment method platform, collaborating with CAIXA. This new launch will enable users to purchase airline tickets and services from the company without having a bank account or credit card. GOL plays a key role in the democratization of air transport in Brazil.

Sources reveal that about 60 million of the Brazilian population do not have a bank account. GOL is the largest airline in the country, offering the Brazilian population access to book tickets without a bank account. The new solution complements and gives users more payment options on one of the complete e-commerce platforms, focusing on strengthening the customer experience. SafetyPay works hand-in-hand with GOL to offer a solution that reflects the needs of its customers. SafetyPay provides GOL with the flexibility to pay via bank transfer or cash, seeking to democratize services for the non-banked population worldwide by offering payment method alternatives for e-commerce.

CAIXA's solution through SafetyPay contributes to expanding GOL's reach. This collaboration will enable users to travel by paying through alternative payments. SafetyPay allows users to quickly and conveniently purchase tickets with online transactions and receive real-time confirmation. The extension complements the payment methods proposed by the company, including major credit and debit card brands, GOL cards, Masterpass, Paypal, Visa Checkout, UATP, Bank Transfer, and Smiles & Money.

SafetyPay has found its mention in Top 10 Payment and Card Solution Companies in Europe by Banking CIO Outlook. SafetyPay is a secure alternative payment platform, enabling e-commerce transactions for consumers and merchants. With an extensive suite of available B2C and B2B payment solutions, the company eliminates standard pain points associated with traditional payment methods. SafetyPay makes it feasible for non-card holders and fraud-wary consumers to engage in the online marketplace, where the shoppers are connected to merchants globally, paying directly from their bank accounts, without fear of online fraud as their bank information is not shared online.   

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