Birst Steps in with Smart Analytics-An AI powered Solution

Banking CIO Outlook | Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Birst—a subsidiary of Infor Coleman AI— recently stepped in the market with its Smart Analytics family of solutions, supported by Infor Coleman Artificial Intelligence. The leading firm in cloud business intelligence built the AI enabled solution with patented technologies that would allow businesses to elevate above traditional reports and dashboards. Smart analytics utilizes machine learning algorithms to deliver automated and personalized intelligent insights for transforming business intelligence experience to diagnostic and predictive from traditional descriptive one.

Smart insights, earliest to advent from the family of solutions, allow businesses to experience the power of data science, enabling them to understand the variables driving their KPIs.  Businesses without requiring any expertise will be able to find meaningful relationships between KPIs and several business variables. Further, they can generate visualizations and dashboards explaining KPIs behavior. 

Birst has incorporated homegrown Value-Based Design (VBD) methodology in generating the smart analytics dashboard that encompasses best practices to drive meaningful outcomes with analytics. As a result, the insights will be more useful as they prioritize the attributes which have the most significant impact on particular KPIs. Anomaly detection, intelligent alerting, and natural language querying and generation are some capabilities that will find grounds in the future.

“Businesses will gain an edge with Smart Insights as the capability delivers advantages that earlier only high skilled data scientists could provide, helping BI to burgeon more than ever,” said Brad Peters, SVP and General Manager of Birst. He adds “Enterprise users will gain faster and scalable insights from data which often would discover relationships not even considered before.”

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Peter also suggests automated reports generated by competing solutions are usually generic, presenting random information that lacks much context and meaning. Whereas, Smart Insights utilizes Birst platform’s robust semantic layer to put forward a much personalized, trusted, and actionable intelligence report than the rest in competition.

Ultimately, the solution is designed to power more businesses with AI, breaking barriers of analytics constrained only to experts.     

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