Banks Are Betting High on Fintech for A Digital Reboot

Banking CIO Outlook | Monday, August 19, 2019

Investments in fintech will continue to be a necessity for modern banks to stay advanced and updated in the world of digital financing. It is interesting to see how bankers drive further innovation in the market.              

FREEMONT, CA: Fintech innovations entering the dynamic banking landscape are driving the banks to cater to the realities of digitalization, and increasing customer demands. Moving along a competitive perspective, financial institutions now understand that integrating financial technology is the ideal path to long term growth. Recognizing this opportunity and being able to participate in it are not the same. A successful deployment of fintech rest on banking institutions who can understand their strengths and weaknesses. The urge for going digital demands the banking industry to reimagine and reinvent itself no longer focusing solely on its goals but solving the concerns of its customers. Fintechs do digital better, cheaper, and faster. If banks want to keep up with their competitors and continue to lead the market, they must have a strategy to connect with their customers. Blending human touch with digital services provided by fintech could be a win-win solution.

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Some key behaviors can help banks successfully embrace the opportunities presented by the fintech revolution. Being open to innovation is foremost among them, and it is the core of digital transformation for any financial institution. Banks should look into collaborating with external technology innovators to help generate new solutions and resources. Being open also means changing organizational culture and identifying new areas of growth. Leading banking firms collaborate with other financial service providers to share non-core services, reduce cost, and create new market opportunities. But this definition of collaboration must be rewritten in a way banks must engage with pioneering technical specialists and developers from other industries which will allow for a perspective shift and generate value in the industry. By integrating assets from different sectors, it ultimately adds to the future value generation. Collaborating with and investing in the fintech revolution can catalyze the banks to be in the best position.

There is no denying of the fact that fintech is a significant disruptor for the traditional banking industry. Instead of competing with fintech companies banks can gain from partnering with them. The adoption of fintech can empower banks by improving the health of traditional banking institutions by enhancing performance and profits. When banks accept fintech startups as collaborators instead of challengers, it becomes an ideal solution for increasing customer demands. Besides, the formal banking sector can improve customer retention through fintech as it can crunch a lot of data and give banks new insights into their customers. Such an analysis can better educate banks on how to serve their customers better. Due to fintech's granular level approach to each customer can help provide tailor-made products and services. Collaboration with fintech offers banks with more secure processing of banking operations.

The real objective of banks and fintech is to find an ideal mix of fintech solutions and legacy banking system. Modernizing the conventional model, the result of fintech adoption marks the surge of new methods. In the financial world, the main challenge to banks is inactivity. To manage with these banks must never underrate the expertise of fintech startups. Instead of staying away from these newcomers, banks must focus on creating an open banking ecosystem that enables them to broaden their reach, deepen their customer relationship, and accelerate innovation. With innovations and reduced costs, the fintech boom is positively transitioning the traditional methods. Understanding the modern demands, banks rebuild their business models according to the new banking and financial ecosystems.

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