Banking Opportunities with Financial Agility

Banking CIO Outlook | Wednesday, February 13, 2019

William Moss, CEO

A number of financial service providers have emerged and have established them to help enterprises improve their customer relationship. COBIS, a U.S-based banking software company enables finance SMBs to tackle their existing challenges and future-proof their strategic decisions through forward-thinking technology and an enhanced agile approach to core banking. Among 270 core banking solution providers, COBIS ranks in the top 20 companies. It provides their client with essential support to implement solutions, strategies, and to provide excellent long-term support. It also has a diverse scope of products that includes innovative solutions like core banking, omnichannel, and transactional banking. COBIS accounting keeps track of all operations to generate accurate financial statement quickly. William Moss, CEO of COBIS, says, “The strategic readiness on the bank’s end combined with the operational readiness brought by COBIS yields financial agility.”

Recently, COBIS announced its partnership with a leading customer experience company named McorpCX to provide digital customer experience for customers in Latin America. The partnership will increase trust among many companies and help both companies to build and enhance lifetime customers. Due to this collaboration, McorpCX also connects with the partners of COBIS including IBM, Microsoft, HP, and SAP.

"The strategic readiness on the bank’s end combined with the operational readiness brought by COBIS yields financial agility"

McorpCX is a fast-growing customer experience solution company that delivers software to customer-centric organizations since 2002. Touchpoint Mapping® software developed by McorpCX has magnificent results in the world’s leading companies that increase the customers’ experience and help them with their financial aspects. McorpCX provides actionable data and VoC insights to businesses to improve customer satisfaction and engagement in consumer products.  The company has also been included in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant in the retail banking space. McorpCX has won many accolades for its work in the previous years.

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