Asset Sales Platform Coupled with Analytics Ability Shaping A&D Strategies

Banking CIO Outlook | Friday, July 05, 2019

Modern investment platform combines analytics technology to provide investors with accessibility, flexibility, and transparency throughout the A&D process.  

FREMONT, CA: Entoro Capital—a technology-enabled investment bank and advisory group that elevates traditional banking services—releases a low cost, performance-based energy asset sales platform for the sale of upstream assets and minerals, Entoro A&D Xpress. The new facility will broker energy assets through a global distribution network on Entoro's proprietary securities platform and will offer service with a focus towards negotiated-by-seller transactions for the lowest cost to sellers.

Executing asset acquisitions and divestitures can be the most challenging part a company will ever face. In today's most conscious market, Entoro is offering distribution channels to sellers who can technically frame and sell their assets but lack the systems or distribution capabilities to market effectively.

The company is deploying analytics to offer sellers and buyers a conventional valuation tool for each listed asset, offering an unprecedented level of transparency and efficiency. The ability to choose specific assets and liabilities provides the buyer with flexibility and prevents wastage of money on unwanted assets and reduces the risk of the buyer assuming unknown or undisclosed responsibilities. This makes asset acquisition more streamlined. Entoro's strength lies in bringing highly vetted projects to investors with maximum efficiency, end-to-end security, and seamless execution, and delivering total confidence in each investment.

Entoro Capital offers advice and services to a wide range of established and growth-oriented businesses across the world and also provide deep sector expertise across a full range of services in investment banking, equities. The Entoro team combines finance and technology with global strategic advisory, capital formation expertise, and in-depth industry knowledge to support their clients and accredited investors throughout the investing process helping them to capitalize on opportunities and mitigate risks efficiently.

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