Artificial Intelligence Powered Banking

Banking CIO Outlook | Tuesday, January 08, 2019

The banking industry is primarily the world of computers and networks. The bulk of the world's wealth is stored and transacted with the help of databases and networks. Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is further revolutionizing the way banking is done. Here are some ways AI is transforming the banking industry.

The abilities on part of voice and chatbots to resolve customer issues without human intervention has improved as part of natural language processing evolvement. Customers are able to have even private conversations on the transaction with these conversational assistants. In addition to fielding customer service queries, chatbots make their customers aware of additional services and offerings. AI-based conversational assistants that, aware of customer patterns can engage the customer when needed, for example when they are on the bank website or mobile application. AI-based pattern matching and behavioral analysis enables banks right suggestion to the right customer, reward their best customers, and respond to immediate needs.

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Banks have access to a wealth of customer data including records of online and offline transactions. This makes banks better positioned with personalization. AI processed behavioral data help in advising individual clients on financial transactions based on their requirements and habits.

A growing number of banks are utilizing biometric data as part of security, to replace passwords or other forms of customer verification. Another most effective use of AI revolves around fraud protection with the help of pattern detection.

AI in banking is being applied to the above processes to eliminate much of the time-intensive and error-prone work. By replacing human labor with intelligently automated assistance, banks can focus their human resources on higher-value tasks.

 AI has already had a substantial impact on tradition banking business. This presents an opportunity for further investment in AI for more improved services. In that way, the banking industry can provide a greater level of satisfaction to their customers.

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