Antelop Launches One Digital Card Solution

Banking CIO Outlook | Friday, June 11, 2021

Nicolas Bruley, CEO, Antelop

Antelop’s One Digital Card solution brings banks and issuing card processors all the digital card features they need through a mobile-only integration, enriching their value proposition for their customers.

FREMONT, CA: Antelop, the digital partner of banks for card digitalization and mobile security, launch its One Digital Card solution. The Antelop One Digital Card solution enables issuers to provide their customers with a unique digital-first experience. All digital card features in one single solution The Antelop One Digital Card SDK lets banks replace complex integrations with a single unified and simplified digital card integration that delivers a full range of digital card features through a mobile-only integration — little or no backend development required.

Banks and card issuing processors can now use a single software development kit to add all the very latest digital card features to their mobile banking app, making it possible for even the smallest bank to quickly and easily provide its clients with an instant, mobile-first experience that meets the needs of today’s increasingly digital consumer.

“Customers now expect digital-first experiences and banks need to offer an instant and mobile-first banking experience. This is the new normal and now a market standard.” says Antelop’s CEO Nicolas Bruley. “Digital cards address this change in consumer behavior and enable instant card issuing on the consumer’s mobile device. They can exist as a standalone offering or as a complement to an existing physical card. In addition, issuing fully digital cards cuts costs and reduces a bank’s carbon footprint as plastic is no longer required.”

“We are a company that listens to the clients, understands their problems, and addresses the pain points through robust and specific digital card solutions,” added Bruley, highlighting the company’s differentiating factor.

The One Digital Card mobile solution by Antelop guarantees a holistic customer journey with all the digital card features your customers expect:

Video KYC: Onboard customers with unique video-based ID verification. Enable users to open accounts 100 percent remotely.

Instant issuing: Provision your cards to your customers’ mobile banking in real-time.

NFC issuer wallet: Turn your mobile banking app into an NFC wallet.

Push to x-pays and merchants: Enable customers to conveniently and securely push cards to Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc., and e-commerce merchants. Simplify digital card activation from banking apps for all use cases.

Token manager: Provide a state-of-the-art self-care management tool while reducing human support.

Display card: Securely display card information in the application for online payment without using a plastic card.

PIN in and out: Securely display the PIN code in the application and let customers choose the PIN for their card directly in the app.

Strong customer authentication: Provide both super-secure and convenient customer authentication (e.g., for 3DS Secure), compliant with the European PSD2 directive.

Innovation ready: The One Digital Card solution enables banks and card issuing processors to incorporate continuous innovation in their digital card services.

The Antelop One Digital Card offers one single integration for all features:

Multiple solutions and providers are no longer required: we include all the features you need in one single integration.

One Digital Card is built on services offered by card networks to ensure easy integration and maintenance.

The solution provides complete embedded protection for all flows and assets, with integrated security.

The potential for mobile-only integration. Core digital card features can be integrated into a mobile application without any backend integration.

Antelop Solutions was selected as one of the Top 10 Digital Banking Solution Providers in Europe 2020 by the Banking CIO Outlook Magazine.

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