AI Reinvents Data Storage!

Banking CIO Outlook | Friday, June 21, 2019

Data is the new oil! This fact often highlights the inherent value of data in this era and the one that powers the transformative technologies of the digital age.

FREMONT, CA: The adoption of AI enables diverse solutions that find applications in businesses as well as in governance, and also carries us into an era focused on data – the exponential growth in volume, the analysis, and the management of it. According to a survey by IDC, there will be a 10-fold growth in the amount of data generated globally by 2025, rising to 163 zettabytes. The successful AI implementation relies on relevant and quality data as an essential building block, the collection, analysis, and storage of data will be increasingly critical to individuals and businesses that leverage those data.

A report shows that 98% of organizations believe that they must invest in IT infrastructure to handle the growing volume of data, and many of them are aware that their current infrastructures aren’t sufficiently robust to deal with the increasing data volumes. Currently, data storage is more than just about archiving. With the application of AI and machine learning, It is about providing ways to analyze the collected data, understand patterns and behavior and harnessing stored information for growth and innovation.  As it is seen, data is the pulse behind AI, and organizations will need to evaluate storage, access consistently, and management solutions to derive insights for efficient and impactful decision-making to grow their business.

Soon, machine learning, AI, and analytics tools will be able to sort through different types of files and other information to determine what is useful and what is not. IT will be able to make adjustments to algorithms and tweak settings on one program, integrating the tools that classify these files. Then, they will perform scans that recommend what data can be purged from records to decrease the amount of server storage a business needs, ultimately saving space, time, and money for the company.

In the coming years, artificial intelligence, machine learning and data lakes will be the new mission-critical applications, and the data associated with them will be critical to enterprises regardless of industry 

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