AI is the Future: Just a Buzzword or is it Shifting to the Mainstream?

Banking CIO Outlook | Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Businesses have realized the significance of Artificial Intelligence, and as the interest is growing over time, more AI solutions are being deployed. It has become apparent that AI’s position in the enterprise is changing and is becoming one of the mainstream enterprise technologies. Organizations that are adopting AI technology are more liable to benefit from increased efficiencies and greater responsiveness. The offerings of AI technology has unlimited possibilities in the banking domain- cutting costs and improving transparency and trust.

• Exploring Data

AI development is one of the fastest paradigm shifts in this technological era. High expectations are fuelling the future of AI in the banking sector. Banks now have access to a wealth of customer data which includes detailed demographics, records of online and offline transactions, payment behavior. By optimally embracing AI offerings and integrating it onto the platforms, banks will better personalize the products and services based on the behavior of individual clients.

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• Staying ahead of the Hackers

As customers are driven towards the digital channels to manage their finances, banks have a host of new challenges to overcome. One of the critical challenges is addressing the needs of the customers and protecting the customers’ data against fraud and online scams. Although the securities within the banks are high, fraudsters are continually adopting sophisticated methods to breach firewalls. The ability of AI to go through the massive amounts of data and identify patterns that might have been missed is one of its greatest strengths. In this way, banks and other financial entities are deploying AI and machine learning solutions to fight fraudulent activities more effectively.

Implementing robust data management and AI initiatives will help banks to safeguard the customers’ data. The future of banking relies heavily on the bank or businesses that are taking time to develop solutions with those businesses that have robust procedures and then integrating them slowly onto their respective platforms.

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