Advanced Cloud Based HR Analytics - A Progressive Solution for Forward Looking HR Organizations

Banking CIO Outlook | Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Supreet Singh, VP

With advanced analytics, significant data management capabilities, and integrated business intelligence, leading players help HR organizations use their data as an asset to anticipate and capitalize on business opportunities.    

FREMONT, CA: Pegasus Knowledge Solutions, Inc. (PKSI), a leader in advanced analytics and digital transformation, announces a strategic relationship with SAS – Advanced Workforce Analytics (AWA), SAS Managed Analytic Services Provider (MASP). The partnership allows PKSI to deliver an affordable and economical cloud-based HR analytics solution, which complements the HRIS system. The solution provides HR organizations with insights into AI and data science as well. Customers can use the solution on a subscription basis without having to maintain the software or data and science models.

“We are excited to extend our long-standing, strategic relationship with SAS and to be the only fully integrated HR solution, as it is a validation of the success we have achieved to date,” exclaims Supreet Singh, EVP, and Principal at Pegasus. “With use cases from attracting and retaining top talent, to driving employee experience and results for workforce planning, we can now offer a deeper level of insight and predictive analytics that support our clients’ strategic and financial goals with little upfront cost and risk.”

Cloud-based HR analytic capabilities significantly increase the accessibility of AI/ML use cases for organizations of all sizes. HR firms must have a deep understanding of their workforce and access to high-quality, flexible analytic solutions to achieve a competitive edge. With the help of PKSI, businesses can leverage the power of AI and advanced analytics to compete better. “Our focus is to bring the advantages of technologies like machine learning and predictive analytics that allow large banks to excel, to small and mid-sized banks in a turnkey fashion,” states Singh.

PKSI’s latest offering will provide customers with access to advanced analytics solutions on-demand that supports and develops in line with their business growth. In-house data science is not needed to deploy and manage the solution, and it also supports a fully managed on-premise solution for customers who wish to operate within their firewalls.

Pegasus ranks among Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solution Providers by Banking CIO Outlook. The key to Pegasus’ success is its constant focus on enhancing its technical capabilities bringing its customers the latest technologies to help drivers improve their competitive position. Its strong expertise and understanding of the business value and analytics technology enable its customers to grow along with it. 

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