A New Way to Better Financial Practices is Out

Banking CIO Outlook | Friday, September 20, 2019

Saving more, being financially stable and building wealth is just a click away as financial institutions have come up with innovative approaches that help people save money.  

FREMONT, CA: Douugh, a disruptive consumer fintech company has launched Savings Jar that will help Douugh users to visualize and track individual savings goals. The company has expanded the rollout of its ‘Freemium’ subscription product. It is a smart bank account with a Mastercard debit card that will help users in living a healthier financial life. The millennials dominate the current ecosystem, as reported by Webopedia,  with over 83.1 million using the new financial solutions. This new banking platform has met the user expectations for saving and being financially stable.

Douugh launched Savings Jar, aiming to help people be economically healthy, educated, and to spend the least amount of time paying off debts. Using the newly launched smart bank, users can save up to $1000 as cover for unexpected expenses. They can also achieve a specific saving goal like a deposit for a home by leveraging AI. With the help of AI, Douugh will revolutionize the way how people handle money. The new feature encourages people to focus on how dependence on short-term debts can be avoided to increase good financial practices among individuals.

Douugh is a smart bank that helps its users to live financially healthier, taking the stress out of managing their money. It is on a mission to democratize banking globally, building smart banks powered by an AI assistant. The company helps its users to de-stress out of managing their money, assisting users to reach their financial goals faster. Douugh provides real-time insights and guidance from a personal financial assistant, to develop good habits and make better decisions around money. The Douugh bank account offers full banking functionality, with the government guarantee on deposits up to $250,000. Users can transfer and request for money, split bills, create Savings Jars, and connect all the existing bank accounts and credit cards.  

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