4 Ways to Personalize AI for Financial Marketers

Banking CIO Outlook | Monday, July 01, 2019

In an era that is ‘digital-first,’ financial marketers need to update to newest technologies to enable personalization in real time through as many channels possible. The adoption will reduce the gap between the FinTech firms and customers.

FREMONT, CA: The advancements in digital and mobile banking have created a handful of new opportunities in banking and credit union markets, especially with the extraction of data to assess, conduct analysis, and optimize each customer journeys for thorough interactions in both inbound and outbound marketing.

1. Use AI to Improve Customer Focus:

With technology powered by (AI)Artificial intelligence  and Machine Learning (ML) systems, it becomes easier to cater to every customer with a personalized message. An AI decision making machine helps many leading banks to manage their customer queries, interactions, all while providing immediate responses depending on the history of transaction made by the customer.

Although customers are essential, it is necessary to meet product goals and business objectives as well. The always-available ML system allows the banks to have their cake and eat it too. As in the technology creates a balance by analyzing what the best option is to carry out business and also be customer friendly.

2.  Enhance Retention by Understanding Customers:

A significant part of marketing conversation in a financial institution is to retain the most valuable households. AI is consulted for availing predictions regarding the customer requirements and utilizes the intelligence to maintain these valuable assets via personalized offers through various channels. The sophistication of ML also provides the banks and credit unions with the power to point out threats like the risk of leaving. 

3. Think Omnichannel in Inbound and Outbound Marketing:

Marketers all over the world invest resources and finances in formulating the perfect journey for the consumer. On the flip side, the customers demand a seamless service on all channels evading the designed journeys. Hence it is crucial for banks to have a holistic view rather than a dedicated path for customers. Marketers have already utilized the idea to provide a superior experience.

4.  Use Personalization to Bring Decisioning to Life:

The banks should incorporate a digital-first mindset as customers are tilting towards the digital channels. Banks and credit unions are insisted to achieve digital excellence as it is easier for the consumers to conduct banking seamlessly online, via chatbots and mobile applications. Increased institutions have pushed for opening completely online type of accounts. By leveraging AI in these factors, automated decision-making behind the scenes will deliver a truly personalized experience when compared to traditional channels.

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