4 Reasons to Use Robo-Advisors in Wealth Management

Banking CIO Outlook | Tuesday, August 04, 2020

The affordability of robo-advisors plays a central role in making them attractive for wealth management firms.

FREMONT, CA: The takeover of the robots in the field of wealth management is an emerging trend across the industry. Wealth management company back offices are rife with manual work of transcribing data between core investment management systems, email applications, external websites, and internal spreadsheets. Here are three reasons why robo-advisors provide more value than human advisors.

• Caters Different Investment Appetites

The capabilities of investors vary significantly. Wealth management firms, both large and small, cater to the needs of investors having varied investment appetites. Robots are excellent to aid both the investors. The benefits of using robo-advisors will be equally valid, which is independent of the value of an investment.

• Increased Reliability

Robo-advisors are getting advanced rapidly. From simple computer applications that used predetermined rules to help financial advisors make better decisions, the robo-advisors have innovated into smart and automated platforms. The increasing reliability of this technology is permitting wealth managers to decrease their dependence on experts and develop affordable services for clients from all levels.

• Faster and Better ROI

Compared to expert financial advisors, robo-advisors require lesser investments. Therefore, wealth management advice can be provided at lower costs. Also, robo-advisors are quicker and less prone to errors and prejudices as compared to professional advisors. Thus, by using robo-advisors, investors are in a position to guarantee faster and better returns on investment.

• Options for Personalization

In the future, robo-advisors are expected to gain a lot of sophistication that will make them more professional wealth analysts. Such capabilities will result in better personalization, as is possible with personal advisors. Market forecasts show a growing demand for robo-advisors, reflecting their popularity in the wealth management sector.

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