4 Major Advantages of Automated Loan Management Systems

Banking CIO Outlook | Wednesday, July 15, 2020

One of the key characteristics of modern technology is that everything that can be automated is being automated. Automation has become one of the most common changes in any business.

FREMONT, CA: An automated loan management system has more advantages over traditional lending systems. It helps firms attract and close more deals, speed up the underwriting process, create more pricing options, decrease errors, and provide more consistency.

Here are four major advantages of automated loan management systems:

Tracking and Transparency

Top 10 Lending Management Solution Companies - 2019Automated loan management solutions can prepare a complete view of all documents that have been received, verified, or flagged for follow-up, and where the application is in the approval process.

Advanced reporting options in a CRM provide managers relevant data on conversion rates, lead sources, and more.

Loan Processes and Results

Loan officers collect documents and data points in large numbers for each origination, which needs to be added to the system and carefully tracked and thoroughly revised against information on the loan application and third-party sources. Technology can process every document efficiently and integrate third-party data sources, providing a faster and more reliable and precise result.

The manual work related to notification is also reduced, thanks to automation. The various stages of every application need a response or notification. Lenders can create several notification templates, specify triggers when they are sent and populate with loan-specific information before sending notification using a quality system.

Scalability and Growth

A loan management system can drastically reduce training demands and risk, assisting lenders to quickly and affordably scale to meet peak seasons. This lowers the risk of quality degradation and overhead costs associated with ongoing training.

A better loan management system also dramatically reduces training demands and risks, helping lenders reach peak seasons quickly and affordably. That translates to a lower risk of quality decline, and lenders can save on overhead costs associated with ongoing training.

Because cloud-based CRM’s can be implemented and used anywhere, eliminating all sorts of restrictions, such as geography or only being able to log in from a particular machine. Since the process and data are shared amongst the team, adding new team members becomes faster and more intuitive.

Speed to Completion

Smart content recognition and automated data population can reduce document review and verification times, speeding up the processing and decreasing origination time frame.

Automation improves applicant evaluation and loan decision and removes repetitive manual steps by executing it digitally and allows human expertise to be applied where it works best.

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