4 Interesting Digital Banking Trends in Market

Banking CIO Outlook | Friday, July 12, 2019

The ease of digital banking, including fast and cashless transactions that comes with technology, pushes the banks to adopt more innovations.

FREMONT, CA: The current pace of change in banking will make the future of digital banking match the fastest evolutionary pace ever. A visible shift in the delivery of digital banking services is evident in the industry; more importantly, the customer is now seeing this as well. As technologies continue to evolve, the industry will continue to accelerate its investments in digital enhancements. To know more about the current trends in digital banking, read on!

• Mobile Banking

Mobile banking is truly an environment where the easiest app wins. The change means that today’s banks are looking at their brick-and-mortar locations, not as places of business. Today’s customers want to round the clock access, easy-to-use apps, and as little human contact as possible.  There is an increasing focus on bringing even more customer-centric services to the consumer marketplace via mobile banking, be it text-to-save or a new focus on mobile payments.

• Automated Wealth Managers

AI is playing a vital role in banking as smart wealth managers such as wealth bots. Using sophisticated algorithms, AI-driven bots can calculate the best investment opportunities, interest rates, loan providers, that is everything a customer needs to stay on top of their investment prospects.

• Blockchain

Blockchain is proving to be a massive asset in digital payments, loan processing, and every other area where valuable information and money needs the utmost security. This increased use of blockchain is also helping banks to automate processes that need to meet specific regulations before being executed.

• Cloud Computing

Banking sector witnessed the advantage of cloud computing only in fragments. But now, banks are seen to move their entire system on the cloud. This has reduced the challenges being faced by the banking industry in numerous ways, including reduced cost of infrastructure, increased business agility, and enhanced level of security.

The innovations in the banking industry trends aim at bringing all the banking services on the digital platform. The consistent move to technology in banking will increase customers’ convenience provide banks with relevant insights to make better, smarter decisions.

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