3 Tips for Mobile Banking Safety

Banking CIO Outlook | Thursday, October 03, 2019

Convenience over traditional practices is desirable as mobile banking is becoming the key ingredient of banking services.

FREMONT, CA: Tech advancements have changed the traditional way of banking by sweeping into mobile banking. Online banking is convenient, and it can be beneficial if the right measures are taken to make sure that consumer money is protected. Mobile payments are the best innovation with the use of smartphones, as keeping up with the highly mobile lives is now a necessity. Users want their banks and payment systems to keep with their ever-changing needs. 

• Passwords

Most mobile banking apps require users to authenticate themselves before getting access to their respective accounts, but it is always smart to add security by putting a password on the phone. An extra layer of protection will not harm but will ensure that it is only the users that get access to their accounts. This added protection helps users keep sensitive information safe in the event the user loses or misplaces their phones. Different passwords should be updated for the websites or apps users use regularly. Users should also keep changing passwords for additive safety.

• Adding multi-factor Authentication Feature

Mobile banking is a preferred payment method for maximum bank users. But, security is always a significant factor that both users and banking apps should pay heed to. Adding a password is one way to protect users from fraudsters, but adding another layer of protection will help users to be at ease. Merely requiring the submission of a single password before granting access to the user's bank account is a defense system that can be beaten. By adding a multi-factor authentication feature, for instance, generated one-time passwords or fingerprints. Authenticator apps can also be used as the code generates only on the user's smartphone.

• Add-On Real-time Texts and Email Alerts

Personalized alert notifications are an easy and convenient way for users to stay on the pinnacle of the account activity. Texts and email alerts help users to keep a close eye on their money without signing in to their mobile banking apps or online banking. A quick, real-time text or email alert to notify users of their account activity them users prevent fraud easily. With push notifications and email, users can get personalized account information whenever and wherever they want. This type of notification easily lets users know if their information has been compromised.

Without any doubt, mobile apps and online banking platforms have made banking technology processes convenient for people. It helps users check their balance, transfer money, pay bills online, and more. However, there is also a massive risk of hackers tapping into data resulting in a considerable chaotic situation. So, the key is to implement a few online security measures with the utmost care. Maximum financial transactions take place via smartphones due to convenience, hence making it possible for users to keep their information secure and safe.

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