3 Reasons to Invest in Banking Analytics

Banking CIO Outlook | Monday, October 26, 2020

In stepping up technological competencies, the banking industry is turning towards analytics solutions. 

FREMONT, CA: The ability to see beyond the obvious is a superpower, and today data analytics solutions seem to have mastered it. By leveraging the technological prowess of analytics solutions, the banking industry today has the opportunity to uncover hidden patterns from vast volumes of structured and unstructured data. But the true value of analytics for the banking industry can be determined when examples and applications are considered. The following list examines and presents a few reasons that can help banking firms justify investments in analytics solutions.  

• Visibility Across Risks

The banking industry is one of the major targets for cyber-attacks. The contributions that analytics solutions make towards enhancing security make them a valuable investment in banking. With analytics prowess, banks have the opportunity to scrutinize every transaction taking place. Such visibility subsequently enables banks to identify and eliminate fraud effectively. Thus, analytics is a valuable weapon in banks' battle against all kinds of risks.

• Insightful Marketing

Analytics solutions give banks the ability to derive insights from customer data. The insights generated allow banks to understand customers better and personalize marketing strategies accordingly. An effective analytics solution can grant banks access to comprehensively analyzed information, and detailed customer profiles, that significantly improve conversion rates and sales figures. Thus, the market and customer information that data analytics solutions serve justify their inclusion in banking.

• Intelligent Decision-Making

Traditionally, banks have depended on experts to deliver the decisions which are responsible for banking operations. Although effective, such an approach cannot be considered efficient by today’s standards. By investing in analytics solutions, banks can transform decision-making for the better. Leveraging analytics ensures that decisions are data-backed and relevant. The scope for errors and biases can also be removed. Even workforce performance analysis can improve significantly with the right analytics tools.

Data-centric banking models are the future, and analytics solutions can help banks leverage data in the best possible ways. In the process, every aspect, from product development to customer experience, undergoes a positive transformation.

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