3 Mobile-Tech Trends in Banking

Banking CIO Outlook | Monday, December 23, 2019

Mobile technology is shaping the banking sector by enabling the banks to offer digital banking services to customers through mobile devices.

FREMONT, CA;   Mobile technology is transforming the payment industry as well as the global banking sector. It offers better opportunities for banks to promote enhanced customer services as well as to reach a wider range of populations across the globe. The potential of mobile devices lies in the fact that customers can use their devices to conduct banking activities at any time and from the convenience of their homes. With digital banking technology transforming the overall experience for the customers, here are some of the mobile banking future trends that will shape the industry in 2020.    

Voice-Activated Commands 

Voice-activated commands are swiftly gaining grounds in our lives. The banking sector can significantly gain by aligning their future innovations with this trend. For instance, banks can offer voice recognition capability to their customers as a means of additional authentication. Some of the financial institutions have already attempted to allow customers to use their voice to carry out banking transactions like reporting a lost card or fraudulent transactions. 

Smart Bots and Automated Assistance

Automated assistance enables customers to access answers to various banking queries. It can also be carried out at a speed that human representatives can never match. It enables the customers to get the answers quickly, thereby allowing the live representatives to address more complex issues. As a result, banks are incorporating such bots and assistants to enhance their customer services. Further, the trend will become even more prevalent as automated intelligence improves in sophistication.

Customer-Friendly Banking Apps

The increase in the adoption of innovative banking apps by both digitally-focused banks as well the traditional banks are offering more options for customers to carry out banking transactions. The above feature offers greater flexibility to the customers, thereby making it easier for them to utilize various banking services even without approaching a physical location. The above functionality also eliminates the need for the customers to wait in a queue during a busy day.

The proliferation of mobile devices, coupled with automation, is driving the future of mobile banking. These three trends will simplify banking for the customers, and the banks that manage to meet the demands of the modern customers will have a clear edge against the others. 

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