3 High-Tech Services Modern Banks are Offering the Customers

Banking CIO Outlook | Monday, August 05, 2019

Advanced technologies in the financial sector are revolutionizing the banking system, as a result of which the traditional banking scene is set to shift instantly.

FREEMONT, CA: Financial organizations are in the midst of the technology-driven shift. The plethora of service supplied is attracting more customers. Following is an overview of the shifts that occur in the industry and the options available to customers.

•    Cloud Banking

The more cloud technology gets established, the more the benefits banks can reap from it. Presently, primary banking operations are being sent to the cloud and for making them automated services. As these proceed,  banks can automate workflows, deliver new services faster, boost efficiency, and deliver savings. To successfully make a cloud transition, bank IT leaders are educating themselves, finding the right technology partners, and being open to the new way of doing business.

•    Mobile Banking

With mobile banking, users can transfer funds with the help of the internet and that too from anywhere to everywhere.  The service is available for twenty-four hours and is an easy and convenient mode for modern tech-savvy customers. It is said to be more secure and risk-free than online internet banking. Just with the help of a mobile, customers can do transfer funds, pay bills, check account balance, and many more. Mobile banking is cost-effective, and banks are offering this service to customers at reducing cost.

•    Updated ATMs

The ATM has become an integral part of the omni-channel banking experience. It is playing a key role in modern banking is a major enabler of mission-critical access to funds functionality within financial inclusion initiatives.  Besides, cash recyclers are becoming an alternative for banks as they struggle to upgrade old ATMs with new norms and remain hopeful of an increase in the interchange fee.

As with any other business, banks that offer a wide array of services at reduced costs and high levels of customer service will be the winners in the long run. For a consumer, it will not be a cakewalk to determine the most efficient players, but it is worth as the options are plentiful. 

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