3 High Performing Email Marketing Strategies for Banks

Banking CIO Outlook | Monday, May 18, 2020

With new technologies rapidly changing the financial services industry, there is ample opportunity for companies to use email marketing to set their brand apart.

FREMONT, CA: Effective email marketing is a vital component to enterprise-level companies who want to compete in today’s market, and this could be truer when it comes to banking. Banks today focus on building sustainable brand equity and providing an impeccable customer experience for their customers. Strategic email marketing contributes significantly to the realization of these objectives. Every email that a bank sends carries a message about the brand. It is more than just shooting emails offering business lines to every customer. The following are some of the ways in which banks can gain from email marketing.  

 • Content-Driven Newsletter

Increasing email marketing products and building relationships with bank’s customers require exclusive content and integration of social media, video, and audio. So banks need email newsletters with social integration to improve their brand awareness. While most email content is product-focused, newsletters containing rich media are usually customer-centric. This type of content can provide critical touchpoints to consumers to make business decisions.

 • Segmented Email Campaign

According to analysis, segmented email campaigns have a 14.4 percent better open rate on average than non-segmented campaigns. So the aim of banks should be to change the strategy of email blasts and customize the campaign with a segmented approach. This would help financial institutions send more relevant messages. Besides, bank marketing campaigns that are targeted, segmented, and personalized will be effective at triggering one-to-one conversations.

 • Copy Creation

Customers today get dozens of emails in a day, and if banks want customers to open the email, then the email content needs to be interesting. Using bullet points can let customers sift through the content and take action on vital points. Using shorter paragraphs and ensuring that the main points are emphasized can help improve the effectiveness of email marketing. 

Tailoring an email marketing strategy for a financial services company does not have to be complicated. Banks’ email campaigns can be stunning and effective with the above strategies.   

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