3 Fintech Breakthroughs Amazing the Bankers

Banking CIO Outlook | Wednesday, June 10, 2020

The fintech industry promises to transform banking operations by introducing advanced tools and applications that can digitalize regulation maintenance.   

FREMONT, CA: The banking industry is one of the fastest-growing markets since the introduction of numerous innovative tools and solutions. According to Dashdevs, the rising needs for high-tech banking and financial services are the key factors that support the ever-growing businesses of financial technology. Today, fintech companies offer all-around banking services, from robo-advising to smart digital-banking platforms, to transform the traditional banking ways standard solutions.

Some of the brilliant fintech solutions that surprise the global banking market are listed below.

• Managing Banking Regulations

Banking and financial institutions face numerous regulation barriers to expend their reach and deliver services. To manage different regulations regardless of regions and government bodies, fintech developers put efforts to create smart solutions that let the professionals provide financial assistance while maintaining updated rules and regulations. 

 Providing Secure Platforms

Cybersecurity is still a big issue for various business sectors, and banking tops the list for investing in trending security products and services. Fintech providers are developing blockchain-based applications to deliver high-level protection to bank and customer account information while fighting against fraudulence, identifying forgeries, and money laundering. The continuously emerging security solutions for banking and financial institutions can build strong customer relationships. 

 Setting Up Digital Banks

Setting up complete digital banks is still an alien concept for various bankers and finance professionals, as the idea requires standard tools and applications for banking operations. Fintech providers are introducing smart tools like robo-assistant, intelligent displays, and smart tablet-based banking offices for initiating self-service options. The idea can streamline digital banking operations by eliminating paper-based documentation and any chances of human error.   

There are many fintech tools and applications yet to experience broad adoption levels across the global market. Focusing on the growing needs for digital solutions and changing ways of customer living, fintech providers explore numerous opportunities to expand their business in the coming years. 

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